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I hate Photos.

I like iPhoto. I hate the way Apple has been doing stuff, and I am an Apple user since my boss gave me a Macintosh back in , I think it was. Good stuff…!

I may write a blues tune to him for speaking what is also my experience. Instead I use two automatic services: Amazon photo and Dropbox formerly Carousel running in parallel.

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They work independently and give me two separate archives from separate corporations. I no longer use Apple iCloud. Do you think that likely to happen? How do you like Amazon Prime Photo?

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I like to be able to access the file itself for various reasons and the absence of this command really pisses me off. I just want something basic, where I can move not copy pictures from bucket to bucket, and maybe add a few tags keywords. Those buckets should be nothing more than file folders and easy to combine or split from other libraries.

Seems like most Application developers spend their time making them compatible with social media, rather then focus on the basic user interface. Then I use Quick Look and Finder previews or the cover flow view to scan through pictures.

How To Safely Move Your iPhoto Library to Another Hard Drive (Video Tutorial)

One neat thing with Quick Look in a folder of pictures is to select them all, then enter Quick look with Spacebar, which shows thumbnails for each. You may want to take a look at Lyn http: Just go ahead and delete the old iPhotos library. Getting rid of those saved me 70Gb. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

How to Delete iPhoto Library, but Why You Probably Don’t Need to

All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Enter your email address below: Posted by: Russ says: May 20, at 3: Demon John says: May 21, at 9: All Hail Dear Leader says: May 21, at 1: Bil says: May 22, at Ted says: So the best filing system and the best way to reduce storage space is what I was wanting advice on.

Additionally, many of the photos in my laptop iPhoto Library are duplicates of the ones in my main iMac iPhoto Library. Will iPhoto Library Manager work on libraries that are on an external drive? And do you know if it is possible to use iPhoto Library Manger to merge them on my external drive and remove duplicates please? I have iPhoto Library Manager so it is good to know it will work on the libraries on an external drive, and thanks for the link to show how.

I meant renaming the actual library packages not the photos, so it is helpful to know that too. I don't store photos in different programmes, only iPhoto. But I export photos as JPGs to a folder on my desktop to work on them and upload them to SmugMug or Dropbox from there to share with clients. I only open the desktop versions in other programmes for display or edits as required.

I only use iPhoto to store the originals, and I end up with two to three copies of the same photo.

How to Compress Pictures On Mac : Internet Tips & Basics

The original in iPhoto, and the edited desktop hi-res and low-res JPG versions. Hence the problem with storage space. Thanks for explaining how Aperture works. It looks like it would be much simpler to get that than Lightroom as it works with the existing iPhoto. Jan 20, However -note that both iPhoto and Aperture are at the end of their lives - Apple has discontinued development of them and will release a new Photos application early this year to be the follow on - It will have a migration path from the current programs and hopefully will have enough power for professionals and be easy enough for novices - until it is released no one really knows.

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    What to do when iPhoto and Photos take up too much storage space on a Mac

    Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Also, I would appreciate any tips on organising photos in my own folders outside iPhoto, please. Thanks, Sarah. Hitting the Trash Marked button lets you purge duplicates after a quick warning, with a reminder that you can find any accidentally deleted images in the trash can. This app can be used across numerous types of files, quickly finding exact matches and letting you purge them.

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