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How do I connect my mobile or laptop to a TV wirelessly?
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Any media you subsequently play back on this tab will then appear on your TV. Once selected, you can choose to display a selected application window or your entire desktop on your TV.

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Maybe you don't have a problem with cables — if so, all flat-screen TVs offer at least one HDMI port, as do practically all non-Apple laptops that have been manufactured in the last eight years. HDMI is just about the best solution at the moment, as it supports both audio and video HD and beyond. All you need, therefore, is an HDMI cable to connect the two. If you're not worried about streaming in HD — when connecting up to an older CRT television, for example — then the best option is to use the S-Video port. It doesn't provide High Definition HD quality, and only carries the video signal, so you'll also need to hook up a separate audio cable typically from your laptop's 3.

How To Connect a MacBook to A TV or Monitor

You'll then need to purchase an S-Video cable of suitable length, along with a separate audio cable. As analogue technologies become depreciated, modern laptops increasingly ship without an available S-Video port. If this is the case, you'll need to use the laptop's VGA port instead.

This is a practical solution if your flat-screen TV has a VGA port included — a standard VGA cable coupled with an audio cable see above will be sufficient. You may even be able to view HD content this way.


If you're trying to hook up to an older analogue TV, however, then it becomes less feasible. Connecting your laptop to your TV with the right cable is often only half the battle. There are, however, certain ports that are common among them, such as the following:. These ports have been around since early because of their ability to transfer large amounts of data allowing for higher resolution videos. It is fairly common in laptops and PCs, but it is far less common in TVs than its predecessor.

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  • They can usually be identified by their rectangular shape which has similarly rectangular holes in it and usually come in the color white. They can be easily identified by their elongated shape and the circular holes in them.

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    They usually come in the colors blue, black, or pink. You will then need to tell your laptop how you want it to use your TV: as a second display that shows an entirely different screen from what is being shown on your computer or as a mirrored display that shows the same content that is currently being shown on your laptop. Built-in HDMI ports have long been removed in the newer Apple laptop models and have since been replaced by Thunderbolt ports to save on space.

    display - How do I connect a Mac to an analog TV? - Ask Different

    Before the Thunderbolt ports, laptops used to come with Mini DisplayPorts. Much older Apple laptops like those released around the year usually have DVI ports. Native VGA ports have long been gone on laptop models. If your computer still has them, then you can simply connect one end of the VGA cable to your laptop and the other end to your TV, but if not, you can connect your laptop to a TV with a VGA port by using a Thunderbolt adapter that has one.

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    Laptop Computer Video Output Guide

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    Use a Media Server (free or paid)

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