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I think your quote comes from the front flap of the book? In the Mac period in the 16th century, for example, statues of the king were made and placed in small village pagodas, and even if somewhat farouche, the point is this tells us something about the king and his relationship with his people and their attitude towards him. Vietnamese art in the period covered was mostly influenced by religion and the whims of dynasties?

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Most dynasties had a very clear plan about the direction they wanted the country to take, especially when founded, and the arts served that purpose there was no TV or other media outlets to help with that , but within that there were a great deal of variation. Again if we look at the beginning of the Ly dynasty there was an urgent need to unite the different clans, and this was achieved with the help of the Buddhist hierarchy, and the iconography of the dynasty sent a clear message of this mutual support.

However, at the same time artisans indulged in a good deal of creativity, and I think the results are quite ingenious. This idea of the arts serving the needs of the dynasty was of course not unique to Vietnam, similar situations also existed in Europe with regards to religion and the arts with both state and church as patron of the arts in different countries in different periods.

Word: The book is divided. Nguyen Dynasty were all greatly interesting. Is it right to conclude that southern art is more diverse? Can you explain what the recent cultural synthesis was and what challenges did this pose for your work? By this time this territory held Vietnamese settlers, Chinese refugees who were permitted to settle there after the fall of the Chinese Ming dynasty, as well as Cham and Khmer inhabitants.

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All these people lived in this land and so to write about the arts of the Kinh in the far south was more complex. Their relationship with other ethnicities had to be considered; in fact evidence shows artisans from different ethnicities worked together along with others who sometimes came from the centre and further north to work on specific projects.

These Kinh had to be innovative in this different physical environment, climate, vegetation, etc. We think we understand its meaning but when we look at it directly it goes blurry and becomes hard to pin down. There is no formal membership, members can come and go. It is more or less than a group of friends, but friendship is clearly a part.

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A community can change, its make up and shape can morph, yet the whole remains. Community and connections are an integral part of life in Hanoi. So, to get a sense of how it operates in our city, we have asked individuals from both inside and outside the mainstream to find out what community means to them.

From people who have left their home villages to find work in the capital, to the speakers of a diverse range of foreign languages, to the elusive group of international footballers playing in the V-League. As social animals, when we live away from our usual safety net, our need to be part of something bigger than ourselves becomes even more poignant. In Hanoi it is no different. Words by Rose Arnold.

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Quiz by Jimmy Thong Tran. Illustration by Claire Driscoll. We move often, families are scattered far and wide. And for older people the disintegration of ties and obligations has not been positive — they have fallen through the cracks. In the UK the main companion for five million older people is their TV, and one in five are in contact with a family member or neighbour just once a week.

Shameful statistics that make me contemplate whether hard boozing and rekindling my love affair with cigarettes might not, after all, be a wise retirement plan. Nonetheless she is the head of her extended family, receives occasional visitors and is the centre of much activity. Community is alive and well here. There are connections and obligations. Not that connections and intertwined lives are without their potential downsides.

Communities can be interfering and gossipy. And for my landlady and her family, living at such close quarters to extended family members has resulted in an ongoing feud with neighbours across the courtyard. The need to belong is widely accepted,. We have a need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, a group which we matter to.

For some people work provides a readymade social life and community. Others find it through interests — sports, activities, crafts, a love of street food — and meeting people who share their enthusiasms. Shared circumstances can be another strong reason to bond. And for foreigners who have left their home countries behind, and trusted they can make new lives, finding new communities is an important part of being happy here. You need to find the people and connections that will make you feel that Hanoi is your city, that you belong.

Group Together Looking for that perfect group? Jimmy Thong Tran has put together a little group quiz for you to get your teeth and your need to belong into. Some of the groups here are real and can be found on New Hanoian. And the final ones were whipped up as ideas over five glasses of Canadian Club. Can you decide which is which? Scoring So, how many did you get correct? Are you a true groupie or are you a Norman No Mates?

Below is the key to the scores.

Be mac giai bong chuyen vtv eximbank cup 2012

You should just sit there, while multiple revenue streams flourish around you, just because, you are you. Someone in Hanoi wants to have a baby with you right now. Go find them! You should just go out there right now and get injured, just so you can have something interesting to talk about, to give you some meaning to your otherwise hollow, meandering life. Hai Vu meets a community of Nam Dinh migrants who are making ends meet in the capital. The walls are cracking and there are signs of water damage along its roof. 1 - WikiVisually

A ladder on the far corner leads to a loft, which is also lined with mats for sleeping. The bathroom and kitchen facilities lie adjacent to each other outside of the house. A space this small, which was intended for two, now houses five times that. Thao, age 29, calls this place home — as do her husband and eight other people. This close-knit group, comprised of hard labourers, live, work, eat and sleep together in these cramped confines. To achieve some semblance of privacy, numerous curtains are suspended in the sleeping areas.

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Comfort is not always a necessity when times are tough. They left their relatively quiet lives in the small town of Xuan Truong, in Nam Dinh, lured to the harried life of Hanoi in search of a more promising future. Vietnamese carrying pole and basket worn over the shoulder. Thao walks the same 20km route every day through Hai Ba Trung District. A handful of simple tools, including a hammer, a screwdriver and a scale are also in tow.

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Any and all discarded glass, plastic bottles, aluminum cans and scraps of paper are ripe for the picking. By the late afternoon she sells what she has collected to a local recycling agency. The prices change daily, so she must know how to negotiate for the best wages. The average rate is VND5, for a kilogram of plastic. At that rate, full days of backbreaking labour are not always enough to pay.

Thao and her husband must supplement their daytime income with additional jobs to afford their share of the communal expenses. Thao moonlights scrubbing and cleaning houses, while her husband finds cast-off electronics and repairs them for resale. Presently Thao and her husband work as dong nat, which means they spend their days scouring the city for discarded scrap metal, plastic goods and anything else they can sell to the local recycling plant for a profit.

The act of dumpster-diving for goods to sell is a much needed, albeit undesired, occupation in Vietnam. A typical day for Thao starts at 6am. She dons the ganh hang rong, a traditional.

When they turn 18 and pass their university test, they will come here to study. We are saving for that now. Communion and Reunion When the working day is done, everyone in the household pitches in to cook the nightly dinner. On the evening of my visit, rice, vegetable soup and boiled eggs were on the menu. While sitting in a circle on the floor, the group devoured this hearty meal quickly.